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Ferrite Irregular Magnet


Ferrite magnets, also known as ceramic magnets, are a type of permanent magnets made from ferrite, a compound of iron oxide and other metal oxides. Ferrite magnets exhibit excellent resistance to demagnetization and are cost-effective. One of the variants of ferrite magnets is the irregular ferrite magnet or the anisotropic ferrite magnet. irregular ferrite magnets have found extensive applications in various fields, such as electric motors, automatic control systems, microwave devices, radar systems, medical devices, and lighting systems. In this article, we will discuss the applications and advantages of irregular ferrite magnets and the advantages of Zhejiang Zhongke Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd. in manufacturing irregular ferrite magnets.

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  • Characteristics Of Ferrite Block/Disc/Ring/Irregular Magnet  Under 23℃+/-2℃
    Grade  Residual magnetic flux density(Br) Magnetic Coercive Force(Hcb) Intrinsic Coercivity (Hcj) Maximum Energy Product (BH)max 
    Wb/m2 Gs KA/m Oe KA/m Oe KJ/m3 MGOe 
    Y8T 200~235 ≥ 2000 125~160 ≥1570 210~280 ≥ 2610 6.5~9.5 ≥0.8
    Y10T 200~235 ≥2000 125~160 ≥1570 210~280 ≥ 2640 6.5~9.5 ≥0.8
    Y22H 310~360 ≥3100 220~250 ≥2770 280~320 ≥ 3520 20.0~24.0 ≥2.5
    Y25 360~400 ≥ 3600 135~170 ≥1700 140~200 ≥ 1760 22.5~28.0 ≥2.8
    Y26H-1 360~390 ≥ 3600 200~250 ≥2512 225~255 ≥  2830 23.0~28.0 ≥2.9
    Y26H-2 360~380 ≥3600 263~288 ≥3300 318~350 ≥ 4000 24.0~28.0 ≥3.0
    Y27H 350~380 ≥3500 225~240 ≥2830 235~260 ≥  2950 25.0~29.0 ≥3.1
    Y28 370~400 ≥3700 175~210 ≥2200 180~220 ≥ 2260 26.0~30.0 ≥3.3
    Y28H-1 380~400 ≥3800 240~260 ≥3020 250~280 ≥3140 27.0~30.0 ≥3.1
    Y28H-2 360~380 ≥3600 271~295 ≥3400 382~405 ≥1800 26.0~30.0 ≥3.3
    Y30 370~400 ≥3700 175~210 ≥2200 180~220 ≥2260 26.0~30.0 ≥3.3
    Y30BH 380~390 ≥3800 223~235 ≥2800 231~245 ≥2900 27.0~30.0 ≥3.4
    Y30H-1 380~400 ≥3800 230~275 ≥2890 235~290 ≥2950 27.0~32.5 ≥3.4
    Y30H-2 395~415 ≥3950 275~300 ≥3460 310~335 ≥3900 27.0~32.0 ≥3.4
    Y32 400~420 ≥4000 160~190 ≥2010 165~195 ≥2070 30.0~33.5 ≥3.8
    Y32H-1 400~420 ≥4000 190~230 ≥2390 230~250 ≥2890 34.5~35.0 ≥1.0
    Y32H-2 400~440 ≥4000 224~240 ≥2810 230~250 ≥2890 34.5~34.0 ≥3.9
    Y33 410~430 ≥4100 220~250 ≥2760 225~255 ≥2830 31.5~35.0 ≥4.0
    Y33H 410~430 ≥4100 250~270 ≥3140 250~275 ≥3140 31.5~35.0 ≥4.0
    Y34 420~440 ≥4200 200~230 ≥2510 205~235 ≥2580 32.5~36.0 ≥4.1
    Y35 430~450 ≥4300 215~239 ≥2700 217~241 ≥2730 33.1~33.2 ≥4.2
    Y36 440~450 ≥4400 247~271 ≥3100 250~374 ≥4400 35.1~38.3 ≥4.4
    Y38 440~460 ≥4400 285~305 ≥3580 294~310 ≥3690 36.6~40.6 ≥4.6
    Y40 450~460 ≥4500 330~354 ≥4150 340~360 ≥1270 37.6~41.8 ≥4.7
  • Disc  Axial
    Disc  Diametrical
    Cylinder Axial
    Cylinder Diametrical
    Ring Axial
    Ring  Diametrical
    Ring Cylinder Axial
    Ring Cylinder Diametrical
    Block-Rectangle Thickness
    Block-Rectangle Length
    Arc Width Arc Height Arc Diametrical Arc Diametrical

Applications of irregular Ferrite Magnets

1. Electric Motors: irregular ferrite magnets are widely used in electric motors due to their excellent magnetic properties such as high coercivity and remanence, making them well suited for the production of small-sized motors. They are used in various applications, including disk drives, stepper motors, and servo motors.

2. Automatic Control Systems: irregular ferrite magnets find plenty of applications in automatic control systems, such as sensors, actuators, and magnetic clutches. They are highly durable and offer excellent mechanical strength, making them suitable for such applications. 

3. Microwave Devices: irregular ferrite magnets find applications in microwave devices such as ferrite isolators, circulators, and phase shifters. They exhibit good electromagnetic properties and offer low noise and high signal-to-noise ratio.

4. Radar Systems: irregular ferrite magnets are used in radar systems such as Doppler radar, weather radar, and air traffic control radar. They offer excellent magnetic and electromagnetic properties and can be customized based on the application requirements.

5. Medical Devices: irregular ferrite magnets are used in medical devices such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), patient monitoring systems, and drug delivery systems. They offer excellent biocompatibility and are resistant to demagnetization and irradiation.

6. Lighting Systems: irregular ferrite magnets are used in lighting systems such as LED driver transformers and ballasts. They offer excellent thermal and electromagnetic properties, making them well suited for such applications.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Irregular Ferrite Magnets


1. Cost-effective: irregular ferrite magnets are cost-effective compared to other permanent magnets such as neodymium magnets.

 2. Resistance to Demagnetization: irregular ferrite magnets are highly resistant to demagnetization and exhibit excellent stability, making them suitable for long-term applications.

 3. High Coercivity and Remanence: irregular ferrite magnets exhibit high coercivity and remanence, making them well suited for high-temperature and high-speed applications.

 4. Good Mechanical Strength: irregular ferrite magnets exhibit good mechanical strength, making them highly durable and suitable for various mechanical applications.


1. Low Energy Density: irregular ferrite magnets have lower energy density compared to neodymium magnets, making them less suitable for high-performance applications.

2. Brittle Nature: irregular ferrite magnets are brittle materials and are prone to chip and crack under external stress.


Advantages of Zhejiang Zhongke Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd. in Manufacturing irregular Ferrite Magnets

 1. High-Quality Materials: Zhejiang Zhongke Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd. uses high-quality raw materials to manufacture irregular ferrite magnets, ensuring better performance and durability.

 2. Advanced Manufacturing Facility: Zhejiang Zhongke Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd. has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility equipped with advanced machinery and equipment, enabling them to produce high-quality irregular ferrite magnets.

 3. Experienced Workforce: Zhejiang Zhongke Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd. has an experienced workforce that is trained to handle the complex process of manufacturing irregular ferrite magnets.

 4. Customization Options: Zhejiang Zhongke Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd. offers customization options, allowing customers to customize their irregular ferrite magnets based on the specific application requirements.


Irregular ferrite magnets have found extensive applications in various fields, such as electric motors, automatic control systems, microwave devices, radar systems, medical devices, and lighting systems. They offer several advantages such as cost-effectiveness, resistance to demagnetization, high coercivity and remanence, and good mechanical strength. However, they have lower energy density and are brittle in nature. Zhejiang Zhongke Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd. has an advantage in manufacturing irregular ferrite magnets due to high-quality materials, advanced manufacturing facilities, an experienced workforce, and customization options.

Production Process Of Permanent Ferrite Magnets

Zhejiang Zhongke Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd is leader Ferrite Irregular Magnet manufacturers and suppliers in China, The company's current production process of permanent ferrite magnets is as follows: the purchased pre-fired materials are mixed according to their own formula and ingredients, and after being ball milled by a ball mill, ferrite is produced through steps such as precipitation, wet pressing, sintering, and grinding. Body magnetic tiles, ferrite magnets and other finished products. We can do OEM & ODM Irregular shape Sintered Ferrite Magnets. Small quantity and normal size samples are free. The specific production process flow chart is as follows:

  • Raw Material Ratio

    Raw Material Ratio

    The strontium ferrite calcined material (the main component is SrFe12O19) is mixed with calcium carbonate, silicon dioxide, strontium carbonate, lanthanum oxide, cobalt oxide and other ingredients according to the formula ratio.

  • Ball Milling/Precipitation

    Ball Milling/Precipitation

    The raw materials are added with water and pulverized by a ball mill to form a slurry, which is placed in a sedimentation tower for precipitation.

  • Wet Press Forming

    Wet Press Forming

    The dehydrated material formed by precipitation is made into a green body through an automatic press in a normal air environment.

  • Sintered


    The raw body is sintered at high temperature into a mature body through a wet-pressed magnetic tile electric-fired roller kiln or a wet-pressed magnetic steel gas-fired roller kiln.

  • Grinding Processing

    Grinding Processing

    The cooked blank is processed by a fully automatic grinding machine processing line to form a finished product.

  • Inspection and Packaging

    Inspection and Packaging

    The magnetic properties, appearance, size and other indicators of the magnets are inspected, packed and put into storage.

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Production Advantages

Zhejiang Zhongke Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd. has been committed to serving medium and high-end customers at home and abroad for a long time, and attaches great importance to market development and brand building. We have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, IATF16949, Rohs, Reach, MSDS. Feel free to visit our Special shape Ferrite Magnet factory before your bulk order.

  • Ball Milling Process

    The company has applied and improved a number of advanced technologies in the industry, such as high-performance ferrite slurry stabilization technology and secondary ball milling batching technology, which has solved the quantitative problem of material added in the preparation process. And we use double coupling dispersion and fine grinding to overcome the problems of slurry agglomeration and particle size distribution consistency. The performance of the slurry obtained in the ball milling process is more stable, which reduces the unit operating time of the ball milling equipment, improves product quality, and reduces production costs.

  • Forming Process

    The company uses a unique new green release agent independently developed to prepare magnetic tiles. The new green release agent is an organic combination of microbial technology and surface release treatment technology, which can degrade oil molecules, reduce the oil content of the release agent, and restore the surface. active lipophilic factor. The product is combined with the surface release process, and the release effect of the magnetic tile is improved through a new release agent, and the surface finish of the blank is improved. The demoulding technology has the characteristics of simple preparation method and convenient application, and improves production efficiency.

  • Sintering Process

    By transforming the sintering preheating system equipment, the company reduces the water content of the sintered green body in the kiln, greatly reduces the waste rate caused by factors such as cracking and lack of oxygen during sintering, and improves the sintering density and mechanical strength of the product. Obtain good microstructure and magnet properties. The company has also realized the sintering base temperature that products with different performances can adapt to through formula adjustment. Products with different specifications, sizes and performances can be co-fired at the same temperature, which significantly improves the production efficiency of the sintering process. In addition, in terms of veneer loading and billet loading, the company has adopted a bulk stacking method that conforms to the company's product features of small shape and light weight after many tests, realizing heavy veneer loading, good sintering atmosphere, and high sintering yield. good effect.

  • Grinding Process

    By optimizing the parameters of grinding machines and other processing equipment and improving the process technology, the company has improved the consistency of product thickness to ≤0.02MM within L30MM and ≤0.04MM within L50MM, and has mastered the technology of three-phase motor magnets produced by grinding tooling. Breakthroughs have been made in technical difficulties in the industry, such as product precision and stable equipment performance, and certain innovations have been achieved in technology and equipment.

  • Secondary Development

    The company's magnetic tile products are developing in the direction of high efficiency, low consumables, and low energy consumption. For example, through atomic substitution and compound doping, the rare earth-free ZK-5B high-performance motor magnetic tile independently developed by the company reduces the coagulation of magnetic powder, improves the orientation effect, improves the material performance and reduces the production cost by using strong magnetic field to suppress and adding a double dispersant.

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