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    Zhongke is committed to becoming a world-renowned supplier of permanent magnet material application solutions in the field of new generation consumer electronics and energy-saving home appliances.

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  • Consumer Electronics

    Consumer electronic products refer to intelligent electronic hardware products for consumers'daily life.

  • Energy Saving Household

    Household appliances refer to all kinds of electrical products that help or replace people to do housework or improve the living environment.

  • Industrial Equipment

    Industrial motors refer to general equipment motors such as fans, water pumps, compressors and machine tools that are widely used in the industrial field.

  • Automotive Industry

    According to the data of Antaike, the global demand for high-performance iron masonry in 2018 is mainly concentrated in the field of automobile manufacturing.

  • Wind Power Generation

    At present, there are mainly two types of wind turbines: double-fed type and direct drive permanent magnet type.

  • Intelligent Manufacturing

    The explosive expansion of China's industrial robot demand will continue to drive the development of the permanent magnet material industry.

Industry Application Analysis

Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronic products refer to intelligent electronic hardware products for consumers' daily life, including mobile phones, computers, televisions, speakers, projectors, photographic equipment, portable audio and entertainment equipment and wearable devices. With the continuous upgrading of semiconductor and Internet technologies, the depth and breadth of the consumer electronics market has been rapidly expanded, and has developed into an emerging technology industry with global attention. According to Statista's prediction, the global consumer electronics market will reach US $1.11 trillion in 2023. With the gradual acceleration of the upgrading of consumer electronic products and the gradual development of products towards miniaturization and thinness, Nd-Fe-B permanent magnetic materials have become the ideal manufacturing materials for key components of various consumer electronic equipment, such as loudspeakers, sensors, motors, image systems, due to their excellent magnetic properties, high accuracy, small size, good mechanical properties, mature applications and other advantages.